Algebra I Circuits

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One of each: linear, quadratic, and exponential functions created in desmos.

A colleague will be teaching algebra one for the first time this school year and she emailed me to ask me how I did the pacing.  So much of it is in my head and not written down which made me think it would be a good idea to outline it in a blog post.  Of course I have to include links to my mathematical circuits at my TpT store!  Circuits are not the only resource I use in my classroom, but I have written over 100 of them so people ask me about them all the time.  What follows is a rough outline / pacing guide with hot links to the resources I have created and use in my classroom under each topic.  Click on the link and it will take you directly to the page where you can download the circuit.  Once you download the circuit, it is tied to your TpT account (not your computer or your phone) so you will always have it.


First Quarter:

Before We Dig In

New:  Order of Operations (Easy)

1. Operations with Signed Numbers

2. Order of Operations / Evaluating Expressions

3. Solving Equations (middle school)

4. The Fickle Farmer  FREE!

5. Fractions FREE!

6. Ultimate Pre-Algebra Review!

Function Notation

1. Building Functions / Using Notation

2. Using Tables (this would be good to use at the end too)

3. FUN with FUNctions! (matching)

Equations and Inequalities

(middle school level) Solving Linear Equations

1. Solving Linear Equations  FREE!

NEW:  Solving Literal Equations (Transforming Formulas)

2. Absolute Value Equations

3. Solving Linear Inequalities  FREE!

4.  Compound Inequalities and Absolute Value

5.  Matching Activity: Inequality Word Problems  FREE!


Second Quarter:

Lines / The Linear Function

1. Slopes / Rates of Change

2. Transforming to y=mx+b  FREE!

3.  Solving Ax+By=C for y

4.  Writing Equations of Lines

5.  Linear Equations, Tables & Graphs (matching) FREE!

6.  Linear Regression (coming soon!)

7.  The Linear Function

Linear Systems of Equations and Inequalities*

1. Solving Linear Systems

2.  Super Systems (Matching Activity)   FREE!

3.  Working with Linear Inequalities

First Semester Exam Practice / Problem Set  FREE!


Third Quarter:


1. Exponent Rules

2. Multiplying Polynomials

3.  Beginning Polynomials  FREE!

4. Algebraic Area and Perimeter

5.  Operations with Polynomials

6. Negative Exponents


1. Greatest Common Factor

NEW:  Quadratic Trinomials a = 1, c > 0

NEW:  Quadratic Trinomials a = 1, c < 0

2. Quadratic Trinomials (a=1)

3. Quadratic Trinomials (a not equal to 1)

4. Difference of Squares

5. Grouping

6. Factoring (mixed)

7.  Matching Activity: Factoring!

(Factoring Bundle!)

Square Roots

1. Numeric

2. Algebraic

3.  Algebraic (with absolute value)  (more for algebra two level)

Solving Quadratics

1. Pythagorean Theorem

NEW:  Distance and Midpoint Formulas

2. Finding Structure in an Equation

3.  Using Factoring

4. Using Square Roots

5.  Complete the Square   Complete the Square and Factor

New:  Quadratic Formula

6. Solving Quadratics (Mixed Methods)

7.  Solving Quadratics (matching)

8.  Solving Literal Equations with Squares

Solving Quadratics Bundle! )

The Quadratic Function

1. Finding Zeros of Functions

2. Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Regression

3. The Quadratic Function

4. Quadratic Functions (matching)


Fourth Quarter:

The Exponential Function

1. Arithmetic vs Geometric Sequences

2. Intro to the Exponential Function

Review Circuits  (great for Test Prep)

1. Algebra Mixed Review I

2. Algebra Mixed Review II

3. Algebra Mixed Review III

4. Algebra Mixed Review IV

5.  Ultimate Algebra Review!

(Algebra Mixed Reviews Bundle!)

6.  Domain and Range

Coming Soon:  Multiple Representations!

7. Standardized Test Prep  FREE!

8.  pre-algebra Standardized Test Prep  FREE!


Extra Fun:

1.  Operations with New Functions

2. Operations with Functions


* NOTE:  These are not the only resources I use.  I do loosely follow a text book and love supplementing with Marcy Mathworks puzzle pages.  If you click on that link you can find many free sample puzzles.




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