Circuit Testimonials 

A lot of people look at a mathematical circuit and think, “Oh that’s just a worksheet.” But a well-crafted circuit is much more than a worksheet.  It is the unpacking of a mathematical skill, procedure, or concept.  Sometimes you just have to witness a group of students work through a circuit to believe it.  In lieu of that, I have collected some testimonials from students and teachers in support of the circuit.


“I would do all of my homework if it was a circuit.”

“I love how I can check my answers.”

“I can’t go to chemistry until I finish this.”

“You are messing with my head, Ms. Cornelius.”

“Wahoo!  I got the answer!’ (Jumps up and runs a lap of the classroom after finally finding the answer to a related rates question the third time he worked it.) Video:


“I used my first circuit today with my Algebra 1 students. They LOVED it. The students were excited to work through the problems, and even asked to please finish it on Monday. When needed I allowed the students to work with partners, and the math discussion that happened was great! Several students told me they really enjoyed class today, and that they would love to do this type of activity all year. I really enjoyed watching my students persevere! I plan to use the circuits more in my classroom this year in some form. I would love to see them work one in living form by walking around the room to move from problem to problem! I’ll probably try that out next!”  [To see the circuit the students worked click here.]

“Little else generates the sound of a circuit.”

“I love that it forces kids to recheck their work and find their mistakes! That is such an important skill.”

“Using the circuit allows students to progress through a variety of problems ranging in difficulty in a more exciting manner than using the textbook.”

“Circuits provide excellent practice with self-check – practice for both simple and complex problems.”

“I liked how students had to recognize difference representations of information in order to move forward in the circuits.”

“The circuit exercise was a nice lesson that did a great job of scaffolding the content/lesson.”

“Circuits gave a fresh twist to practicing fundamental concepts.”

“I liked that it had a variety of difficulty levels. It is a fun way to do review.”


A Teacher Works a Riemann Sum Circuit


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