40 Calculus Circuits

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L’Hospital’s Rule Circuit (calculus)

Circuits are not the only resource I use in my classroom, but I have written over 100 of them so people ask me about them all the time.  A calculus colleague who wants to use circuits told me that he gets overwhelmed when he looks at my TpT store.  The site is a little hard to navigate, so he gave me the idea to write a blog post about it.  What follows are hot links to circuits by topic which shows the the order in which I use them.  Click on the link and it will take you directly to the page where you can download the circuit.  Once you download the circuit, it is tied to your TpT account (not your computer or your phone) so you will always have it.

Three notes:  First, I teach early transcendentals, so if you are interested in a circuit, please read the description on TpT AND work the circuit before you assign it to your students.  Second, I know the site name is Teachers pay Teachers, but really you should have your district, school or department reimburse you for these purchases!  Finally, if you are interested in a starter set of six calculus circuits, click here.

Before we really dig in:

1. Using Tables  FREE!  Domain and Range  FREE!

2. Precal/Trig Review (No Calculator)

3. Precal/Trig Review (Calculator Active)


4. Limits (More of an Introduction)

5. Limits (analytic — no calculator)

6. Limits and Continuity


7. Power Rule

NEW:  Product and Quotient Rules

8. Product, Quotient, and Chain Rules

NEW: Chain Rule FREE

9. Derivatives of Logs and Exponentials

10. Implicit Differentiation

11. Derivatives of Inverses

12. Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions

13. Derivatives (Mixed)

14. Derivatives at a Point

15. Find the Original Function

Purchase the Derivatives Bundle!

Applications of the Derivative:

16. Tangent Line Approximation

17. Related Rates

18. What f’ and f” tell you about f

19. Optimization

20 Applications of the Derivative (mixed)

Purchase the Applications of the Derivative Bundle!

NEW:  Position, Velocity, Acceleration

NEW:  Derivatives n More (motion)  FREE!

NEW: Antidifferentiation


21. Riemann Sums

22. Definite Integrals

23. U-Substitution (Indefinite Integrals)

24. U-Substitution (Definite Integrals)

25. Integrals (mixed)

26. Integration by Parts and Partial Fractions

Purchase the Integration Bundle!

Applications of the Integral:

27. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

28. Area Between Curves

29. Volumes of Revolution  FREE!

30. Advanced Volumes

31. Differential Equations

32. Applications of the Integral (mixed)

Purchase the Applications of the Integral Bundle!

End of Semester/Course Circuits (these involve the definite and indefinite integral):

33. Particle Motion

34. L’Hospital’s Rule

35. Average Everything!

36. Calculus Review  FREE!

37. Calculus First Semester Review (AB)  FREE!

38. Calculus First Semester Review (BC)  FREE!

39. Ultimate Calculus Review!

40. The Last Circuit!  FREE!



Nicole Lang’s Circuits

Mark Kiraly’s Circuits

Erica Arrington’s Circuits

Black River Math


One final note:  You can go to any site on TpT and click on the CUSTOM CATEGORIES to select only for calculus or matching activities, e.g.

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screen shot from my TpT store-front



6 thoughts on “40 Calculus Circuits

  1. This is GREAT! I have most of your circuits and often wonder what the ideal order for them is. This is a hugely valuable resource!

    • Thanks, Erica! The new L’Hospital’s rule circuit can be used in the applications of the derivative section, but it has two integrals as the last two questions so I put it with the end of the year stuff. Also, the DE circuit could come before volume (that’s actually when I cover DE) but I put it later in the order. Hope it helps! Make your circuit binder this summer!!

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