Mississippi Algebra I Teachers Unite!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.22.49 PM

The response and support for my recent blog post, Testlet, has been overwhelming.  I want to support all of the Algebra I teachers in Mississippi by having a closed group on Facebook (we have nationwide one for AP Calculus) where teachers can post questions and other teachers can answer them.  These questions will range from “How do you solve this?” to “Do my students need to know ________ for the state test?” to “Does anyone have a quiz on factoring polynomials?” to “What kinds of activities work for review?”

If you are an algebra one teacher in Mississippi (or if you are just a concerned mathematician who is willing to help by answering questions), please search for my newly created group on Facebook, “Mississippi Algebra I Teachers Unite!”  Request to join.  I will make sure that all members are vetted for their math-ness (i.e. You really are a math teacher, you don’t just play one on TV).

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