50% of AP Calculus 2015

I am hard to sneak up on.  But some of my former AP Calculus students did just that last Thursday.  They were finished with their first semester of college and I was in my classroom, grading exams (and helping two current AP Calculus students study for theirs).  In trickled the former students, one by one, like clowns coming out of a teeny tiny car.  I couldn’t believe how many kept coming through the door. They brought snacks and drinks and Star Wars gifts. 

But the best part was not the element of surprise nor the gifts nor the food.  It was the conversation.  They stayed for THREE HOURS sharing stories about their first semester.  All of them had great stories to tell, and all of them had done well, especially in math.   They were so appreciative of everything they had learned with me and were not at all shy about thanking me.   

Please take the time to thank one of your best or favorite teachers today!  It means everything to them.  

Star Wars gifts

this student hand-cut the Vader stencil


Star finger sandwiches.


Food Galore


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