Three math generations 

The state of Mississippi recognized six people as finalists for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST) this past Thursday.  I was one of them, as was Lauren Zarandano who I taught in the summer of 2003 as part of the Mississippi Teacher Corps program. But even more mind-blowing than that was Carl Lucas was also recognized; Lauren taught HIM at Hollandale High School in 2003-2004.  I felt like a proud grandma!  We will have to wait until the spring to see who gets to go on to Washington, D.C., but the time will pass quickly as do the most important work which is helping our students become better, stronger, and faster mathematicians.  

Until then, here are a few pictures from the day.  


MS PAEMST Finalists 2015


Brandon Morgan , who is now a high school math teacher in Alabama, and me.


With state superintendent of education Dr Carey Wright (left) and board of ed chair Dr John Kelly (right) .


Receiving the award in the swanky board room.


Need to frame it.


What my AP Calculus students did while I was gone…


What I did on the lonnng car ride down… wrote a circuit, of course!


You can find the free circuit by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Three math generations 

  1. Congratulations! Thanks for writing about PAEMST and sharing the good news of generations of math teachers being recognized!

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