Conversations With My Students 2.0


Student Alpha:  H, N, and I aren’t going to be here Thursday.

Me:  Where are you going?

Student Alpha:  To a competition.

Me:  What kind of competition?

Student Alpha:  A trebuchet one.  Do you know what that is?

Me:  Yes.  A medieval weapon.   Like a catapult.

Student Beta:  Why would anyone think that is fun?

Me:  (talking directly to student Beta) Everyone has his or her own idea of fun.  You willingly get on a bull and let it slosh you around for 4 seconds and you think that is a lot of fun.  But that wouldn’t be fun for me.

Student Omega:  That is a really good point, Ms. Cornelius.

Me:  Back to math.

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2 thoughts on “Conversations With My Students 2.0

  1. Happened in class the other day.

    B: why do we always have homework?
    Me: cause you need the practice.
    B: not me. I can do this with my eyes closed.
    Me: prove it.
    B: (closes eyes) wait… I can’t see my paper

    Haha. Not even lying.

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