AP Statistics Exam Today!

Today is the AP Statistics Exam! It is also May 4th, Star Wars day. A little over a year ago, I hoped that we could offer AP Statistics at our high school (and that I would teach it). Then a few weeks later the planets aligned when The College Board announced that the national exam date was set for May 4th. May the Force be with my students as they take their exam!

Our AP Statistics class in started in January 2023 and we have been traveling at light speed ever since. We just finished the curriculum a week ago and then did some practice multiple choice and free response problems and they are as ready as they will ever be. At least they didn’t have any time to forget anything.

Of course, since I put myself and them in hyper drive, I haven’t even finished watching Season 3 of The Mandalorian. That will have to happen after the next few weeks of end of school craziness and before the AP Calculus reading begins.

May the Fourth be with all AP Statistics students today. This is the Way.

Lafayette High School’s Inaugural Class of AP Statistics 2023.

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Yoda hat and light saber earrings made by two different former AP Calculus students.

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