Luna the day before she died. Happiest day of her life.
Great hike in the New Hampshire Lakes region. 7-13-2022

Luna entered our family in the fall of 2019 as an adult rescue. On the first morning at our home, she had a series of seizures. Luna was quickly diagnosed with epilepsy and though she received extensive care, this is what brought her Earthly time to a close early on the evening of July 14, 2022.

When COVID-19 forced the humans to shelter in place in March 2020, the only ones truly happy were the dogs. Luna was one of five pups at our house at the time and they were thrilled to move from lap to lap all day for weeks (months) on end. Luna was the consummate lap dog. She never met a lap she didn’t love. After some perfunctory paw cleaning, she would curl herself into a black bundle of sweetness. She was truly the sweetest dog who has ever trained us (and she was the ninth in a long line of canine trainers at our house). In fact, through tears this evening I said, “We can put rugs down again!”

Part pug, Luna had a distinctive tongue (not pictured) which her daddy affectionately referred to as “ham slice!” Due to her epilepsy, she had to take medicine 4 times per day. Her pill planner rivaled those of octogenarians. Again, her daddy called her “The Best Medicine Taker Ever” because she would gobble down pills without any cheese or peanut butter to disguise said pills. Luna also had unsavory habits and earned the nickname “The Touched One” for some of these too disgusting to describe.

Luna will remembered for her eternal optimism and faith in humans. All loved her, especially young children whom she let pet her and pick her up with nary a growl. We feel so sad that she is gone but also lucky that she lived with us for a short time.

Luna and me hiking the day before she died.

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