The Arrival

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Cape Cod, 2011

I wrote this poem 5 years ago – before I started a blog.  I think it’s a good idea to write as often as possible, even if you’re a math teacher!  I titled it “The Arrival” because I was fascinated with the sherpa-like qualities of the beach goers on Marconi Beach; the dunes are very high and steep and the people bring tons of stuff with them to last for the whole day.  At the time my youngest child was only 3 so we were often up early and therefore the first ones there to witness the arrival.  


The Arrival

They march over the dunes in single file

Hauling surf boards, boogie boards and paddle boards

Sacks slung on shoulders

Stuffed with sunscreen, snacks and shovels


They assemble family forts

Monuments to summer

Anchored by coolers; shaded by umbrellas

Strip to swim suits, wet suits and birthday suits


They spend all day amused by the surf and sea

Build sand castles, replete with bridges and moats

Read pulp fiction

Cat nap


Later, they shuffle back over the dunes

Lugging water logged towels and hastily packed totes

Plan dinner – where to go or what to fix

And they plan the next day’s beach arrival





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