MDE’s Testlet Deadline Passes

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This past Monday, Mississippi Public Broadcasting ran a story:  DEPT. OF EDUCATION PROMISES NEW PRACTICE TEST WEDNESDAY.  Yesterday, excited teachers and district personnel checked their email in anticipation of the new practice test.  No practice tests were posted.  I even checked at 11:59 pm.  As of this blog post, we are still waiting.

My question is, if there were truly only 12 errors out of a possible 245 items, as reported in this Clarion Ledger article on March 16th, (that’s less than 5%) why is it taking so long to fix the seven practice tests (what MDE has called testlets)?

I have a lot of questions.  I will continue to ask them.

One thought on “MDE’s Testlet Deadline Passes

  1. I must say I was very disappointed to have to postpone our dinner with area algebra one teachers on Wednesday night — we had planned to meet, eat, and work the testlet together. Oh well.

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