Math Testlets Pulled 

Earlier today the Clarion-Ledger published a story on the flawed math testlets.  To the Mississippi Department of Education’s credit, all of the math testlets (grades 3-8 and algebra one) have been pulled for further scrutiny.  Hopefully we will have spectacular resources once the testlets go back out to the districts.  Unfortunately, they will still only be paper and pencil and our students will be testing on line.  

Some questions which remain unanswered are:

1.  Who, if anyone, did Questar write a math assessment for previous to contracting with Mississippi?  

2.  What the scope and nature of that (those) assessment(s)?  

(The above questions are very important because they will point to item validity, or lack thereof, on the spring assessments.)

3.  Why did we only received a small sampler of items with which to practice from Questar?

Meanwhile, I am trying my best to relax for a few days in spring break.  I have been fielding a lot of texts, emails, and Facebook  posts, though!  


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