Emails I Write that No one Answers 

For the Algebra PBA —

Ok I see that but how many questions do they do in each of the time periods?  Is the first time period no calculator and the second part calculator?  It would be much better if you put the allotted time on the actual practice PBA like the AP Calculus and the ACT and the SAT so the students and teachers can actually calculate the ratio of time per question.   I am a mathematician and honestly can’t figure out that Untie table.  My students have to take this test in 10 days and I do not even know what to tell them.  Here’s what I want you to answer:

Fill in the blanks:  

Algebra PBA has ——- questions.  
For the non calculator part there are ——- questions and you will have —— minutes to complete this section.
For the calculator part there are ——- questions and you will have —— to complete this section.   
Also if a question has multiple parts, please count that as two questions or three questions or four questions, depending on how many parts.  The algebra practice PBA is misleading because it looks like there are only 19 questions but there are actually 27 or more questions, depending on how you count it.  

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