Coversations with my students 3.0

I don’t make this stuff up…  I just write it down.

What you are about to read is a 10-minute picture-text conversation between me and a former student who attends college across town…


Me: Don’t bother coming by my classroom today because I have a FaceTime meeting I forgot about.

Student:  Yes ma’am.  I can save my questions for next week if that’s more convenient for you.

Me:  But when is your exam?

Student:  Good question.  I think Thursday.

Me:  Well then coming next week will be fine.

Student:  It’s not even so much for the exam though.  He briefly mentioned impartial integrals and he’s not very complete in his explanations.  It seemed a little more significant than he let on…

Me:  Partial Fractions?  Improper integrals?

Student:  Improper.  Sorry.

Me:  Ah yes.  They are important.  Not sure how in depth you’ll go in cal 2 but very cool.  Consider these two integrals.


Me:  Both represent the area under the curve of a decreasing function.


Me:  However one converges and one diverges.




Me:  Look at my levitating eraser.

Student:  No one doubted your Jedi skill.



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