Conversations with my Students 5.0

I just finished teaching at a summer boarding school in New Hampshire and am already back at at a public high school in Mississippi. The students are what kept it exciting and interesting for me. Some students are so capable and enthusiastic, they barely need me to help them along. Everything is fodder for their future and they know it…

Student: I loved this part of trig best. The proofs part. I love proofs.
Me: You are such a writer.

Other students need a lot of entertaining…

Me: What’s the matter? Haven’t you ever seen a light saber before?
Students: {laughing} Yes, but not a teacher using one.
Me: {puts on Yoda ears} How about these? Have you ever seen a teacher wear these?
{three more students fall out of their desks in laughter}
Me: I’d put on my Jedi robe, but it’s at the dry cleaners. Back to math.
Me: Don’t ever be embarrassed to ask a question or volunteer an answer in my class. I am obviously the one in here making the biggest fool of herself.